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Campooz Glamping Sky Lodge

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BASED ON the principle of a roof tent. There is a spacious living room under the sleeping cabin. There are four sleeping places on the first floor. Accessible via a sturdy ladder.

Sky Lodge

Optionally, a tarp is available to create a veranda. Colors and style make the Sky Lodge fit into any environment. The construction ensures that the "roof tent" can be easily folded out of season.





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Decks (available separately), tent and furnishings (available separately) are made of robust and durable materials.

The decking parts are impregnated and woolmanised.

The canvas is indestructible Campooz ripstop cotton. The materials are stylish and can take a beating.

THE WHOLE breathes adventure. The Sky Lodge fits perfectly on small campsites in the middle of nature. The picture is complete with a campfire and a good glass of wine.

Adventurous camping

The Sky Lodge is built around a wooden frame. This ensures a robust appearance.

(Deck, Assembly, Furnishing, Equipment and Electricity on request: kamp.oprema@val-travel.com)

Dimensions :

Deck: 420 x 600 cm (Sold separately)

Tent: 400 x 300 cm

Bed: 230 x 220 cm

Colors :

Roof tent Sand Yellow

Side walls tent Sand Yellow

Canvas, tarpaulin & frame:

Tent 400 g / m2 Canvas

Exterior roof Polyester

Impregnated wood frame