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Campooz Glamping Bell Tent

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ALSO called CLOCK TENT. The Bell Tent was used for habitation, travel and leisure long before the beginning of our era. The structure is supported by a central pole.

Bell tent

An attractive eye-catcher at a campsite or festival. The use of color makes the construction seem to float. The interior of the Bell Tent is attractive and surprising.





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Decks (available separately), tent and furnishings (available separately) are made of robust and durable materials.

The decking parts are impregnated and woolmanised.

The canvas is indestructible Campooz ripstop cotton. The materials are stylish and can take a beating.

THE BEST WAY to describe the Bell Tent is close to "Modern, Romantic, Bohemian and Hippie". It fits perfectly with a festival atmosphere. The tent is soft yellow ocher with a dark gray edge.

Atmosphere and romance

Due to its simple construction and interesting pricing, the Bell Tent is very suitable for pop-up campsites.

(Deck, Assembly, Furnishing, Equipment and Electricity on request: kamp.oprema@val-travel.com)

Dimensions :

Deck: 610 x 820 cm (Sold separately)

Tent: 500

Veranda: 500 x 200 cm (Sold separately)

Bed: 160 x 200 cm

Ridge height: 300 cm

Colors :

Side walls of the tent. Dark gray

Roof tent Sand

Roof Desert Sand

PVC floor Dark gray

Canvas, tarpaulin & frame:

Tent 400 g / m2 ripstop technical cotton

Floor 680 g / m2 PVC

Frame Steel