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Campooz Glamping Summer Shack

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There used to be tent houses on beaches in Europe. These had wooden walls and a cotton roof. These nostalgic buildings served as a model for our white and beige tent. Running off a dune and playing with sand. Beachlife!

The Summer Shack

Fits perfectly in an open environment such as dunes, beaches, grassland. Camping while feeling the elements. Sun, sea and beach. The interior of De Summer Shack is light. Bamboo tones, blue and light gray.





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Decks (available separately), tent and furnishings (available separately) are made of robust and durable materials.

The decking parts are impregnated and woolmanised.

The canvas is indestructible Campooz ripstop cotton. The materials are stylish and can take a beating.

The biggest challenge for the design of the Summer Shack was to blend the colors from the outside into the interior of the tent. It is happiness to merge light and space into a natural whole. The ultimate place for a fun family vacation that you will never forget. On the veranda, with a drink in hand, the parents watch the children enjoy themselves in the sand.


It should come as no surprise that light colors have been chosen for the interior. This is combined with natural products and accessories such as weathered wood, jute and reed.

Families feel at home in the Summer Shack. Choose a unique and distinctive tent for your campsite!

(Deck, Assembly, Furnishing, Equipment and Electricity on request: kamp.oprema@val-travel.com)

Dimensions :

Deck: 610 x 820 cm (Sold separately)

Tent: 500 x 550 cm

Veranda: 500 x 200 cm (Sold separately)

Sleeping cabins: 250 x 250 cm

Ridge height: 300 cm

Colors :

Side walls of the tent black

Roof tent White

PVC roof White

PVC floor Light gray

Canvas, tarpaulin & frame :

Tent 400 g / m2 ripstop technical cotton

Exterior roof 680 g / m2 PVC

Floor 680 g / m2 PVC

Frame Steel ⌀ 32 mm (powder coat)