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Campooz Glamping Black Shack

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INSPIRED by old farm sheds. These are built from pot lid planks. Characteristic of the Dutch countryside. We have translated this into the Black Shack. The tent has a rural and attractive appearance.

The Black Shack

A complete picture for campsites in a wooded area. Your guests feel at one with nature. Inside and outside. The interior of the Black Shack has a warm atmosphere with many earth tones.





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Decks (available separately), tent and furnishings (available separately) are made of robust and durable materials.

The decking parts are impregnated and woolmanised.

The canvas is indestructible Campooz ripstop cotton. The materials are stylish and can take a beating.

THE INSPIRATION for the design of this cozy tent comes from traditional farm houses. In a wooded area, the barns were literally at the mercy of nature. Together they formed an organic whole. Especially during the autumn and winter months it was nice to stay. A warm homely feeling! A place where you enjoy going after a hard day's work on the land.

Dark and Cozy !

We have translated this atmosphere into the design of the Black Shack. The interior (available separately) is complete and consists of robust furniture, characteristic 'vintage look' materials and, above all, many warm colors.

Your guest will immediately feel at home in this beautiful rental accommodation!

(Deck, Assembly, Furnishing, Equipment and Electricity on request: kamp.oprema@val-travel.com)

Dimensions :

Deck: 610 x 820 cm (Sold separately)

Tent: 500 x 550 cm

Veranda: 500 x 200 cm (Sold separately)

Sleeping cabins: 250 x 250 cm

Ridge height: 300 cm


Side walls of the tent black

Roof tent black

PVC roof black

PVC floor dark gray

Canvas, tarpaulin & frame:

Tent 400 g / m2 ripstop technical cotton

Exterior roof 680 g / m2 PVC

Floor 680 g / m2 PVC

Frame Steel ⌀ 32 mm (powder coat)