Kenya 34.5 SDB

Kenya 34.5 SDB

5 x 6.90 = 34.5 M2 Meter (inclusief Bathroom)

A lodge for the whole family

The Kenya 34 Lodge keeps both of its bedrooms at the back. There is space for a large and airy living room/terrace. It is the perfect choice for a family looking for a holiday in a spacious lodge decorated with warm wood and fabric.

Whatever the weather

The structure underpinning this lodge is highly resistant, made from the strongest materials.  The frame is made from Class 4 autoclave-treated pine with steel connectors, and the outer walls are made from CampShield fabric held tight with stainless steel ratchet clasps.

The Kenya can stay up all year round (optional kit for snowy areas).

Price from: 96000, - KN (incl. Bathroom)

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General characteristics

Floor coverage 5,00 x 6,90 m (34,50 m²)

Number of people          4 to 6

Number of bedrooms    2 (2,20 x 2,35 m)

Mosquito netting and windows 1 indoor shutter in each bedroom + mosquito netting

2 indoor shutters in the living room + mosquito netting

Single block bathroom

A single block bathroom unit, fully pre-assembled in our factories, to be installed directly on the piloti-mounted lodge flooring

Includes a shower, sink, WC, 2 lights operated by a switch and an electrical plug socket

Soft vinyl floor, 16mm melamine-coated chipboard walls with natural oak décor, lockable door

50 litre electric boiler with integrated pressure limiter

Quick to connect to the electrical cabinet, power supply and waste-water outlet.


Autoclaved class 4 pine, Ø 80mm + galvanised steel connectors and rust-brown polyester paintStructure           

Optional railing Railing with BATYLINE FERRARI grill protection


External canvas, wall and gable Polyester velum 205g/m² – M1 thermal insulation

External canvas CampShield FR1 Tencate fabric 420g/m² – M1

Roof canvas       Twin-colour PVC 630g/m² – M2 Ferrari STAM

Canvas tightening            On the ground, using rings and rails

Roof-frame attachment system Stainless steel ratchet straps

Facade 1 large door split in two, zip closing.

Padlock locking (not included)

Terrace siding (optional)              PVC 630g/m² – M2 Ferrari


Piloti-mounted flooring 7,25 x 5,36 (38,86 m²) – 20 poles

Class 4 autoclave-treated according to European standards, sourced from certified Scandinavian

Flooring can be adjusted from 18 to 92cm to adapt to the terrain

Wooden planks 27 x 145mm

Fitted with sixteen 90 x 90mm posts

95 x 45mm strips and 120 x 45mm cross ties,

Under-floor tarpaulin to exclude draughts

Stainless steel screw fittings

Adjustable pilings from 18 to 92 cm

An editable staircase from 1 to 4 steps that are installed on the front or on one side of the Lodge

Installation on gravel-covered slabs

Option  Floor XL : 8,12 x 5,36 (43,52m²)

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