The nomadic spirit, a simple and effective solution for campers looking for freedom.

The Canadian revisited with the strength, insulation and natural touch of the Tencate CampShield canvas and wood frame.

A form designed to optimize the space needed for the floor while maintaining a feeling of space inside thanks to the sloping frames.

Surface 5,5m² (2,25 x 2,45m)

Floor: 2,68 x 4,06 (10.88 m²)

Price from: 16000, - KN

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Technical information

Color: Beige

Height: 245.5 cm

Width: 325 cm

Depth: 243.5 cm

Frame: autoclave pine Ø 80mm, class 4

Exterior stitching: Campshield FR1 fabric Tencate 420 g / m²- M1

Roofing: PVC coated 680g / m² – M2

Adjustable pilings from 18 to 200 cm

2 models of stairs are available, from 1 to 4 steps or from 1 to 8 steps.

They are situated at the front of the Lodge

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