We are Marijana and Sjoerd van der Veen. Our family consists of a Croatian (Marijana) and a Dutch (Sjoerd) side. We are blessed with 3 fantastic children.

As we have always been passionate about  rv’s  and camping in 2015 we started Val-Travel VOF RV rental in Croatia located in Zagreb. In itself a logical step because Marijana is Croatian and therefore knows the country and its customs very well and as the love from 2 different countries brought us together, in this way we want to bring Croatia and the Netherlands closer together. Croatia is seen by many as the camping country par excellence and we are therefore focused on promoting this beautiful country as much as possible. It started as a try-out with a limited number of RV’s. The demand was soon so big that it was decided to expand the fleet the following year and to grow even further the following year. In the meantime, we set up a facebook group “campers door kroatie” which now has a couple of thousands of members. With this group we share and advise everything in the field of Croatia as a holiday destination.

Many of our guests have asked us in the past if, at the time of the pick-up or drop-off of the RV at our company site near Zagreb, if they could stay overnight to visit the city of Zagreb. In order to offer these guests more service, it was decided to expand the parking lot on our site in 2018 and to set up an overnight parking for RV’s / caravans and all other types of camping materials in collaboration with our Croatian family. Electricity / water / toilet / shower and other facilities are installed and together with the family we welcome many guests in Sesvete Zagreb to stay overnight.

From our guests, tenants, Facebook groups and the people around us - we received many questions about camping with a caravan, rv, tent, roof tent, trailer tents, etc. It soon became apparent that there was a shortage in Croatia and surrounding countries on specialized companies in this field. Companies where people could turn to for safe and secure purchases, in several languages, or advice in the field of camping.

In 2020 we became dealer of Trigano trailer tents, Trigano Camping and Raclet trailer tents. Within the foreseeable future we have been able to supplement this cooperation with the dealership of Trigano Lodges / Glamping as well as Easy Caravaning Folding Caravans, Campooz Trailer tents, Autohome Roof Tents, Dometic, Kampa and many others. To be able to offer these products, a webshop was started in 2020 so that we can spread our knowledge and these products to the entire region.

Meanwhile, many guests know our rv/trailer tent rental company, our webshop as well as our overnight accommodation, as stable and reliable.

We thank our guests for all the trust they have had in us in recent years and we are working hard to expand our service even further and to maintain the quality that may expect from us.

Our advice to you is therefore our motto: Travel your own way, Travel your own path !

With thanks,

The Val-Travel Team.