These terms of use are established between each user of the website (hereinafter: the user) and the website of Val-Travel Camp J.D.O.O. 
for catering and tourism, travel agency, registered under OIB 43597633875, with registered office at: Đure Popovića 9. Šimunčevec
(10360 Sesvete, City of Zagreb), Croatia, hereinafter or Val Travel Camp j.d.o.o. for catering and tourism,
travel agency, hereinafter: the website or Website / indicates a website accessible through the URL Allows users to use the functions described in point 2. limits the use of the site only to individual
users, who use the site with normal frequency. The use or misuse of the website is strictly prohibited for any natural or legal person
using the site for professional purposes or as part of an auxiliary professional activity. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the term `` use '' includes all operations performed by the user when visiting the site,
including the usual advice, regardless of the device accessed (including computer, tablet and phone), connection type, individual
Internet connection, connection to third parties or public Wi-Fi) and connection points (Croatia / Netherlands or abroad). The use of the website implies the unconditional acceptance of these conditions by the user. These conditions are subject to change.
The terms and conditions that apply are the terms and conditions in force while using the website. 2 - FUNCTIONALITIES PAGE On the website, the user can: - to search for articles and services offered by Val-Travel Camp; - to purchase in accordance with the conditions stated in the General Conditions of Sale on the website; - to publish opinions about products sold by Val-Travel Camp; - to participate in various games and competitions published on the site; - to access and publish on questions and / or answer questions of other users regarding products and services offered by Val-TravelCamp
(see conditions); The list of functionalities is published for information only. The site reserves the right to add and remove functionality temporarily
or permanently without the user's consent. 3 - TERMS OF USE OF THE WEBSITE 3.1 The website can be used by adults, but also by minors, who are under parental supervision. In any case, Val-Travel Camp advises
anyone responsible for minors to follow them while using the site. 3.2 Access to certain services offered on the website may depend on the creation of a profile (account), which requires certain
information from the user to enable it. In accordance with European and Croatian data protection law, Val-Travel Camp,
www.kampoprema.val-travel has the right to request the collection and storage of such identification data. The user undertakes to
provide correct and complete identity information and it is prohibited to pretend to be a third party. Otherwise, the site reserves
the right not to confirm, block or delete the user profile. 4 - USE OF THE WEBSITE Users are prohibited from: - committing illegal acts; - collection of personal data from site users in various ways; - collecting, recording or using the content of the pages, which are subject to intellectual property rights, for purposes other than
the browsing of the site by third parties, as well as content related to the right to privacy, personal data or the right to images; - storing, distributing or publishing content that is prohibited by law, abuse, racist statements, incitement to hatred, statements
that violate the morality, privacy or personal rights of third parties, including the right to reputation and privacy. - the storage, dissemination or publication of information that directly or indirectly discloses political, philosophical or religious
beliefs, trade union membership, health status or sexual orientation; - sending content on behalf of a third party; - presenting themselves as another person and / or publish personal information of a third party; - storing, collecting or publishing content that could directly or indirectly harm the interests of Val-Travel Camp, In general, the user agrees to refrain from any behavior contrary to the ethics or values and interests of Val-Travel Camp, 5 - THE RIGHT TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 5.1 Content published on the website The content on the site is the subject of proprietary rights and is protected as intellectual property, including copyright, design,
trademark, domain name, patent, know-how, software or database. Val-Travel Camp, NETWORK and its partners remain the owners of all such content and related rights.
For this content from Val-Travel Camp, Network offers users a limited, non-exclusive license (license)
that can be revoked, without the right to sub-licenses for free access, navigation and use, linked to the website. This license does
not give users any other rights, in particular the right to use this content for commercial activities. 5.2 Content published by the user All content (including text, comments, files, images, recordings, videos, etc.) may be subject to proprietary rights, intellectual
property, image rights or other personal rights and remain the property of the user. Users represent and warrant that they have all
rights and consents necessary for such publication on the Site, in particular in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
regarding respect for privacy, property, intellectual property rights or other rights. Users agree to be legally responsible for such
posts as content owners and grant Val-Travel Camp a non-exclusive permission (license) for free use worldwide, including distribution,
for the said content and for the entire duration of the post, presentation, display, performance and forwarding rights shop and sub
license, including its subsidiary, technical partners and other users of this site. Users permit their names to be associated with the content and agree that such association is not mandatory. By posting, users allow
the content to be automatically available on the Internet, in particular on other Val-Travel Camp websites and / or blogs,, including the pages of Val-Travel Camp, www.kampoprema.val-travel .com on social networks.
Users can request Val-Travel Camp,, to stop publishing. 6 - LIABILITY 6.1 Responsibility of the Val-Travel Camp, The content on the website is the subject of proprietary rights and is protected as intellectual property, including copyrights,
designs, trademarks, domain names, patents, know-how, software or databases. Val-Travel Camp, NETWORK
remains the owner of all such content and related rights. For this content, Val-Travel Camp NETWORK, NETWORK provides users with a limited, non-exclusive license
(license), which can be revoked without the right to sub-licenses for free access, navigation and use , linked to the website.
This license does not grant users any other rights, in particular no right to use the content for commercial activities. 6.1.1 Referring to and use of the site is the responsibility of the user. The website may contain links to third party websites. By clicking on such links, the user acknowledges that Val-Travel Camp, cannot guarantee the content of the link and therefore agrees to use the site at its own risk.
Consequently, Val-Travel Camp, cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from the availability
and / or use of the site and the information it contains. The user is also informed that Val-Travel Camp may be temporarily obliged
to terminate access to the site for technical reasons, in particular due to site maintenance. The user receives these interruptions
and waives any complaints about this. The use of the site by users implies knowledge and acceptance of the properties and limitations of Internet technology, in particular
response time or server requests, hosting, technical training, interruption risk and, of course, any risk that arises during data transfer. Consequently, Val-Travel Camp, and General Val-Travel Camp, NETWORK can in
no way be held responsible for: - all information seen on the site that is not published by Val-Travel Camp,; - all network failures that prevent the proper functioning of the site; - data loss; - software malfunction; - the consequences of any computer viruses, errors, deviations or interruptions; - any damage to the user's computer. 6.1.2 The operation of Val-Travel Camp, is limited to connecting users and hosting and publishing their
content. As the owner of the Val-Travel Camp website, cannot be held responsible for the activities or
content stored on the site. The liability of Val-Travel Camp, is limited to the extent legally determined.
Therefore, the site may remove illegal or obviously illegal content without notice. Val-Travel Camp, has no obligation to exercise a priori control over the quality, safety, veracity or
legality of the content published by users. 6.2. User's responsibility 6.2.1 By using the website, the user agrees to indemnify Val-Travel Camp, Network from liability and to
guarantee him all damage, costs, direct or indirect, that arise from: - any request from a third party regarding any content published on his / her behalf, in particular for infringement of the right to
content published on the site by the user, or a criminal offense in the press with elements sent or published on the website; - all activities, related to participation in the site, that are in violation of these terms and conditions, including with a view to
fraud; - violations of these website terms of use. 6.2.2 Val-Travel Camp, strives to inform its users about the publication of content, such as the publication
of images or other images of users. Val-Travel Camp, pays attention to the recordings, photos or videos published by users and whether they are
in line with the sports ethics and values of Val-Travel Camp, www.kampoprema.val with NETWORK. Any inappropriate content will
be systematically removed from the website. By posting messages or comments about the services, the user acknowledges that they will become public and gives the companies of the
Val-Travel Camp group, and technically authorized partners the right to publish derivative works. use,
store, publish, translate and create. , distribute and display in whole or in part, as part of the possible protection of intellectual
property rights, and be able to use their name and / or name with message and comment for any purpose, especially for commercial and
advertising purposes, in all media, including the Internet , e-mail (paper or web), publishing, tagging, advertising, local media and
media around the world for a period of 10 years. 7 - DELETE USER CONTENT 7.1. Val-Travel Camp, may terminate any registration and / or delete the profile and / or content and /
or information published on the site and use and / or access immediately prohibit the website, if it finds non-compliance with these
terms of use by the user or for technical reasons. Such changes may be made at any time without notice or without notice by decision of
Val-Travel Camp, Any user can notify the help desk through the website by providing all the details necessary to process their request that the intended
published content is in violation of these terms of use.   8 - INTEGRITY If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become invalid as a result of law, regulation or final court decision or
administrative provision, the other provisions will remain in full force. Val-Travel Camp, will do its best
to replace it as soon as possible with the applicable provision and scope, which most closely approximates the meaning of this condition.
The fact that either party has not requested the application of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions, whether permanent
or temporary, cannot in any way be construed as a deviation from that provision. 9 - APPLICABLE LAW AND DISPUTES These terms and conditions are governed by Croatian law and EU regulations.